"To provide the best solution for your earthwork needs in a safe and efficient manner. All jobs are conducted to be environmentally friendly and low impact" 


Road Construction & Driveway Maintenance 

At DirtCon, we have a wide variety of machines and competent operators readily available at your desire to create the perfect driveway or access road

Excavation/House & Shed Cuts

Whether it be your dream home or a new shed for the farm, DirtCon can provide the right machines for the job to get your site spot on

General Earthworks

No matter what your needs may be, DirtCons goal is to provide you with the best possible solution in order to complete the job


DirtCon Civil is based in Braidwood NSW and operates in the local area and South Coast employing local operators and working in with other contractors. Our primary focus is dealing with our client's needs in all aspects of earthmoving and exceeding their expectations. Our dedication to completing our jobs on time and budget is our drive to achieve customer satisfaction.  





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